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how-to-build-a-sandbox-2littlesuperheroesThis corner of our garden was proving impossible to grow grass. So I promised the boys a DIY sandbox in this spot, if they pulled all the weeds. Jack got pulling, and Sam just got in his way. Guess that’s what a little brother is for.

sandbox-linerOnce the boys had pulled all the weeds, I needed to decide how I was going to build this sandbox. I wanted to do it for as close to free as possible. We have an empty lot behind our house that is filled with rocks. So on the hottest day of the year I decided to haul all these rocks into our yard. I was slightly totally afraid I’d find a snake under one of the rocks. But thankfully no snakes were found in the making of this sandbox.

how-to-line-your-sandboxI bought some landscaping fabric for $12 (have lots leftover) and a pack of pins.

cheap-sandbox-sandNow time for the sand. I bought 20 bags of  50 lbs of sand. Yikes that’s 1000 lbs of sand! Our sandbox has roughly a 6 foot diameter (about 30 square feet). Each bag was about $3.70 so it’s roughly a total of $74.


We love our sandbox digger (only $40 at Amazon).


sandbox-bloggerEvery boy needs a spot for his tanks.

Total Cost:

  • Landscaping Fabric $12
  • Pins $5
  • 1000 pounds of sand (20 bags at 50 lbs each) at $3.70 a bag= $74

Total: $91.00

Not exactly free but for under $100 it’s provided the boys and their friends with hours of sandy fun.

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12 thoughts on “DIY Sandbox

  1. Looks great! If you put cinnamon in with the sand, it will deter neighborhood cats/random animals from using it as a litter box–cats dislike cinnamon! :)

    • I’ve heard about that cinnamon trick before, I’ll have to try that. I’m a bit worried about the neighbourhood cats finding the sandbox!

  2. Every boy needs a sandbox… and you made an awesome one for your two. I love it… especially the digger and rock border. Good job Mama. And yes, according to my oldest… that’s exactly what a little brother is for.

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