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It’s middle school all over again! I remember having to stay behind with a supply teacher while my entire class spent 3 days in Quebec. When the class returned I had to listen to how awesome the trip was, while they showed off all their pictures.
Fast forward 20 years and all my blog friends are together in Atlanta attending the most amazing blog conference called Haven. Except now it’s much harder, there is no waiting for photos to be developed. My Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts have all been filled with all the fun that I’m missing out on.
It turns out I’m not the ONLY DIY blogger in the world that didn’t attend. I found at least 23 others who were also unable to attend like me. And instead of feeling sorry for ourselves we’re getting together to have a little party of our own.
Everyday this week we’ll each feature our favourite blog project. You’re going to be in for some seriously inspiring projects. It will be just as fun as being at the blog conference, right? We’ll at least that’s what I’m telling myself.
creative at home party
Monday, Aug. 5:
Tuesday, Aug. 6:
Wednesday, Aug. 7:
Thursday, Aug. 8:
Friday, Aug. 9:

You can also follow each of our projects on Pinterest. Just follow our board Haven at Home.

This is a great opportunity to see some great projects, browse new blogs and make some new blog friends. It’s almost like being a part of the Haven Conference.  Plus, it’s FREE!

Start here on Monday to see the first five great blogs and keep following all week.  On Monday, August 12, we’ll post a round-up of all the great projects for you to see on one page.
I’m so looking forward to a fun week of blog tours!
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  1. Your friends on the field trip missed you terribly! Next year, for sure. I love the projects y’all are going to feature – they look fantastic!

    • I know I really have no excuse since Atlanta is only about 6 hours away. But my husband couldn’t get the time off to watch the boys. But my goal is to make it next year.

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