Raleigh Antique Stores

My youngest started preschool today. That means two mornings to do whatever I like. And when SuzAnna’s Antiques is just down the street from his school that means some serious fun.


Raleigh Antique Stores

SuzAnna’s is somewhere that I cannot take the boys. Can you even imagine the damage two boys could do! So I was thrilled to have a couple of child free hours today.

thrifting-raleighI’m always looking for cool planters. I loved, loved, loved this one but the dealer wanted $5. I talked him down to $3 which was about $2 more than I wanted to pay for it.

On a side note, It’s hard to see with everything in front of it but someone seriously needs to buy that green fireplace mantel. It’s only $79 and it’s gorgeous. Every time I make a trip to SuzAnna’s I check to see if this poor little mantel has found a home and it’s always still there. I kind of feel like I’m checking on a stray dog left behind at the Humane Society or something. Finding a home for this mantel has kind of become an obsession of mine.

vintage-number-signsCouldn’t resist the vintage number signs. Although I already had a similar orange sign that I picked up at the Raleigh State Fair Flea Market a couple of weeks ago.

succulent-planter I added some of the clearance succulents that I found last week at Lowes.



Grabbed the scrabble pieces for $2. And now don’t know where to put them in my house.custom-sheds-raleigh

Isn’t this little glass house to die for? Can you imagine having this in your garden!

Hope your kids had a great first day back to school. And you enjoyed a bit of peace & quiet!

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  1. Where is this glorious place called SuzAnna’s? Somewhere in North Carolina? I have several mantels but just one fireplace. They look great on a blank wall. I would have to take that baby home. Love the numbers and the can with succulents.

  2. Dani!!!! My mantle!!!! I love that thing, an I check on it every time I go there as well. If only I could get Steve on board with it!

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