Sewing Room Pegboard Wall

PinExt Sewing Room Pegboard Wall

sewing room pegboard Sewing Room Pegboard Wall

I added a pegboard above my sewing table a few months ago, and I love it. But I decided to jazz it up a bit.
sewing machine silhouette cameo Sewing Room Pegboard Wall

I found this sewing machine image file for $0.99 here and thought why not add a sewing machine.
stenciling preventing bleedthrough Sewing Room Pegboard WallSewing Room Pegboard Wall

Printed it out with my Silhouette Cameo onto contact paper (I use contact paper for all my stencils, much cheaper than vinyl).

And to protect against bleed through I painted the inside edge of the stencil with matte medium. You can pick this up at any craft store in the paint section for about $5. Worth it!

pegboard decal Sewing Room Pegboard WallOnce the matte medium has dried paint your colour of choice and then remove stencil. You’ll have perfectly crisp lines, I promise.

craft paint storage Sewing Room Pegboard WallWhile searching around my craft room for paint for my sewing machine decal I realized these small craft paint bottles were scattered everywhere throughout my house. I rounded them up and stuck them all in an old tangerine crate. Don’t throw those crates out they fit craft paints perfectly! It’s like they were made for a second life as paint storage.

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PinExt Sewing Room Pegboard Wall
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11 thoughts on “Sewing Room Pegboard Wall

  1. I’m curious about the Matte Medium…I purchased some a while back and just had a chance to try it out with a stencil….it didn’t work at all and I’m wondering if I did something wrong? I used basic white contact paper as the stencil and it was on a piece of pallet wood, unfinished. The contact paper didn’t stick very well…but I used the Matte medium to seal all the edges. I still had a lot of bleed through. Does it need to be really thick? Or does it only work on a smooth surface? Or was I using the wrong type of contact paper? Any tidbits you can share with me? I appreciate it!!

  2. This is a wonderful idea! Just one question though, where did you find the loopy holder for your scissors/ paint sponge? That is exactly what I’m looking at for my board.

    • Hey Denise! Yes I bought a box of pegboard organizers. It comes with a whole bunch of different pieces. It’s all made to hold tools so you just have to be creative with craft storage instead. I found mine at Lowes but here is an link to an example.

    • That holder is usually for holding screwdrivers and you can probably find them at any of the big box hardware stores or Harbor Freight.

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