Family Vacation Christmas Ornament

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My son and I spent the afternoon crafting this little ornament made with momento’s from our family vacation to Florida this year. The glittery Mod Podge that we used to glue down and seal the lettering give the ornament a snow globe kind of feel that I love.

We took the boys to Disney this year but of course their favourite part of the trip was  hanging out on the beach searching for shells. Seriously don’t know why we wasted our money at Disney. All they remember from that trip is our day at the beach.

During the trip we smuggled a little bag of sand and some tiny seashells from the beach (I know you really shouldn’t do that). But I thought we could make a little family vacation Christmas ornament for our tree. As the boys get older we’ll always remember that trip to the beach (and wasting about $600 at Disney).

For this craft you will need:

  • Glittery Mod Podge
  • clear plastic ornament 
  • sand and seashells
  • scrapbook paper (if you want to add anything else into the ornament)
  • ribbon
  • paint brush


To make sure all the letters were even I simply used a piece of tape as my guide (and then removed it after). Simply apply a layer of Mod Podge, lay the letters down, and then apply another layer of Mod Podge on top of the letters.

The fun part- picking out our shells.


I also added a little Florida State Shape and a pirate ship (we went on a pirate cruise at the beach that the boys loved) into the ornament. I used shapes from the Silhouettes online store and used a tourist map we brought home from our trip to cut out the shapes.

disney-christmas-ornamentI used a funnel to fill with sand. Dropped the shells and the pirate ship and Florida State shape into the ornament. Tie with ribbon and you have a personalized Christmas ornament to remind your family of each of all of the trips you take together year after year.

I think we’ll be making this a Christmas tradition.

If you’ve never worked with Mod Podge  it really is something that every crafter needs to seal, glue, and finish your crafts. You can pick it up at any craft retailer or online hereIf you’re new to decoupage or want to know more, get the basics on plaid’s website here.

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9 thoughts on “Family Vacation Christmas Ornament

  1. WOW!!! I am in love as well! This is absolutely beautiful! Beautiful photos too! Thanks so much for sharing this inspiring piece!

  2. Hi! I love your ornament and I’m actually working on four of these for my kids. I love how you put the letters on, but I have a question about the decopage. Do you layer this only where you are putting letters or on the whole ornament? It seems like if you only put in one spot you would notice that since its not on the whole ornament, but no idea how you would do the whole thing. I know crazy question!! And did you have any issues with your letters crinkling because of the rounded ornament?

  3. Great idea Danielle! We always forget at Christmas time, things that happened earlier in the year- this is a great way to remember! Thank you so much for linking up to Get Your DIY On with us last week! I hope you’ll join us tomorrow with your hand made gift project!

    Mandy @ The Hankful House Blog

  4. I did something similar as a little giveaway to co-workers. It was called beach-in-a-bag. In small little craft-sized bags I put sand, tiny shells, small drink umbrella, a good sized gumball to represent a beach ball, and drink stirs I found shaped like palm trees, and pink flamingos. The idea behind it was when you were having a stressful day, take out your beach-in-a-bag and let it take you on a mental mini vacation to a past beach vacation that you enjoyed in the past. People seemed to love them.

  5. I LOVE this! I saw it on Pinterest :) My family has taken a couple of cool vacations (Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns) that would have been great ornaments. Maybe I can fudge it a little…and just do a picture and something. Anyhow. Thanks for the super cute idea. I love Pinterest :)

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