Lightscoop Review & Giveaway

PinExt Lightscoop Review & Giveaway

I was at a birthday party today with my boys. And when the cake and ice cream came out all the moms broke out their cameras. Not just any $100 point and shoot camera either, it seems like everyone has expensive DSLR camera now.

No matter how fancy your camera is, I know we’re all trying to improve our photography without spending a fortune on a bunch of camera accessories.

That’s why I love the Lightscoop so much. Lightscoop is low-tech device that just slips onto  your cameras flash. No spending hours reading through a user manual and figuring out how to attach it and actually use it. You just slip it on and pull it off went not in use.

camera lightscoop Lightscoop Review & GiveawayAbove you can see the Lightscoop on my camera. It folds flat to easily store in your camera bag.

Of course the first thing you learn in any photography class is how important natural light is. Well with winter approaching we don’t often have the option to take photos with bright natural light streaming through our windows. This is where the Lightscoop comes in.

Lightscoop creates soft, flattering light by redirecting your camera’s built-in flash to a ceiling or wall.

lightscoop review1 Lightscoop Review & Giveaway

{Above are two unedited photos. You can see the glare and shine on the first photo compared to the one using the Lightscoop}

While taking photos with your built-in flash the flash often ruins your photos with red eye, ugly shadows, hot spots, bleached out faces, underexposed colors, and blurry movement.

lightscoop light Lightscoop Review & Giveaway

Here you can see the flash bouncing off my head (and the walls and ceiling behind me. This is what prevents your indoor photos from having the dreaded red eyes or hot spots.

what is lightscoop 3products1 Lightscoop Review & GiveawayAnd the best part is the affordable price. Lightscoops range in price from just $18.95 to $36.95.

Of course when I find something that I love, and I think others will love, I have to give one away to a lucky reader!

Unfortunately we can only have one winner. If you’re not the lucky winner, don’t worry. Once the giveaway ends I will also have a discount code for 15% off any Lightscoop product. So head on back to 2 Little Superheroes to find that discount code.
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PinExt Lightscoop Review & Giveaway
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  1. Danielle! What a great Lightscoop review! Thank you so much — love your comparison pix! If your readers have any questions, we have lots of great info on our website — and we respond quickly to email ( Happy to partner with you anytime! Best, Mary, Lightscoop CEO

  2. Fab tips & wow what a difference it makes! Always wanted to give one of these a try, thanks for the chance!! xx

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