DIY Wood Plank Wall Hallway {Part 2}

wood-plank-wallThis post has a lot of photos so I had to break it into 2 posts. To see more photos check out Part 1.

wood-plank-wall-with-hooksI’m so envious of people with big mudrooms and huge coat closets. We have nothing. Just this small wall that’s really part of our family room. It’s something I would certainly change about our home.

When we moved in I put up some wall hooks, it worked for a while, until Jack decided to swing from it and pull it out of the wall. So for the past few months we’ve been throwing our coats on the couch. It was driving me crazy.

So this weekend I added a plank wall with lots of hooks.
What -type-of-wood-to-use-for plank-wall

This is a very simple project that you can do yourself. No husbands needed!

This tutorial is for people like me who have no carpentry experience, or fancy expensive tools. I’m sure there’s a better way to do this, but this worked and was cheap.


I used 1/8″ masonite board that you can find in the same section as the pegboard (it basically is pegboard minus the holes). It comes in 4×8 feet sheets and sells for $8.75 a sheet. For my small wall I used about 3/4 of one sheet.

I also recommend using lattice pieces to cover up the ends of the boards that don’t line up perfectly. Just gives it a finished look. These boards are very thin so it’s easy to just cut these at home with a hand saw if that’s all you have.

For the top shelf pieces I used scrap wood I had at home. If you don’t have scrap wood to use you can find lots of different molding pieces. Mine shelf is very basic.


Have them cut down your board at the store. I had them cut my pieces into 6″ horizontal boards. So I had boards 6″ by 8 feet long. Does that make sense?

Note: I chose 1/8″ thick boards because I wanted something that worked with my baseboards. I don’t live in a century old home with big chunky baseboards so I needed something thin that would match up with my baseboards (without having to rip out my baseboards and put new baseboards in). You may want something thicker and more substantial but this is what worked for me.

To see pictures of how the boards tied into my existing baseboards check out Part 1 of this Posthow-to-wood-plank-wallIt’s easier to prime and paint your boards before putting them on the wall.


My wall has an exposed outside edge. So in order to not see the edges of all the boards (which would never be installed evenly) I used a lattice board on the edge. I wasn’t sure how high I was going to go with the boards. So I just taped it onto the wall.

Use a stud finder and mark where the studs are with painters tape. You’ll want to nail into the studs.

plank-wall-tutorialMeasure and cut boards to size. I picked up a mitre saw at a yard sale for $10. It’s not the best but does what I need. If you don’t have a saw check out Craig’s List or your neighbours garage.

I used pennies to space the boards.

And just used finishing nails to put up the boards. The boards are so light that finishing nails are enough.


Cut board around any outlets. I also used an e-xacto knife (another reason to use the 1/8″ masonite board).how-to-turn-off-power

When working around the outlets turn off the power. spacer-box

You can buy these little spacer boxes at your hardware store. You’ll need these because now you have just added 1/8″ to your wall. To install them, be sure to turn off the power, unscrew the box, pull it out and tilt the outlet box through the spacer box. It takes a bit of time to position, but it does work.

Add the boards to the wall that go around the light switch. Then fully tighten the light switch box.
diy-panelled-wallContinue adding boards up the wall. Once you decide how high you want the boards to go you can cut down and nail that side lattice board to the wall.plank-wall-diyTo the top I added some scrap wood I had in the garage. For these boards I used screws to attach to the wall (since they are much heavier). I used a 1x 6 and then a 1 x 4 on top of that (for the shelf section). But you can use whatever you think looks good.front-entry-makeoverSince we have the door right there I had to cut the edge of the shelf board at a 45 degree angle with my mitre saw.

I noticed that the edge of the boards in the corner weren’t even so I just covered them up with another lattice board that I had.

Counter sink all the nails and fill with putty, and caulk any cracks that need to be filled. After sanding the nail holes I did another coat of the white paint over the whole thing.

I also painted the door while I was waiting for everything to dry. It was an oops test pot container that I found at Lowes for just $1.50.


blog-wood-plank-wallCost Breakdown:

  • 1/8″ masonite board (4×8 feet) $8.75
  • Wall hooks $1.00 each (Hobby Lobby clearance) $8.00
  • Door paint $1.50
  • Other lumber free (scrap wood already owned, but would have cost about $12 if purchased)
  • Primer and paint leftover from other projects free

Total $18.25

I promise you that this is a simple project that YOU can do on your own. Don’t wait around for your husband to eventually get around to helping you do this. You can do this right now. I Promise.

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  1. This is fantastic!! I’ve been trying to think of a way to add a coat rack and spruce up our hallway, and I think this would work perfectly. Thank you for sharing this tutorial!

    • That’s exactly what I love to hear. When writing up a big DIY tutorial I love to hear that someone actually got some inspiration and help from it. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  2. This turned out awesome Danielle! I have had walls prepped for a board and batten project in our bonus room for months that I have been too nervous to start. I love the idea of the plank wall, your post definitely motivated me to finally think about tackling my project! Thanks for sharing your tutorial on this!

    • You should totally do it Lauren. The only tricky part was cutting the boards around the electrical outlets. But the wood I used was thin enough that it wasn’t that difficult. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  3. Wow, that is very impressive. I don’t have a real entryway either and this is a great idea. I do admire your carpentry skills!

    • Trust me Debbie I have no carpentry skills at all! You can totally do this on your own. Plus I cheated and had Lowes do all the big cuts for me :)

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