Christmas Toy Decluttering Party

While wrapping the boys Christmas presents I had a moment of panic when I thought about where all these presents were going to go. We have a small house and really don’t even get the kids that much. But the toys become overwhelming no matter what size home you have.

So I sent out an invite to all my fabulous neighbours to grab all their old toys, clothes, and books and join me at my home for some wine and toy exchange.

We plan on doing this throughout the year but it’s perfect to do before Christmas. You get to get rid of all that toy clutter and exchange for ‘new’ toys that you can wrap up and put under your tree.
toy-exchange-partyIt’s simple just sent out an invite. (It’s nice to have a range of moms. For example new moms (who will take all your stuff)! Buy a few bottles of wine, make a couple of appetizers and that’s it. Enjoy a fun girls night of free ‘shopping’.toy-decluttering-tipsAs people arrived we just set out all of our stuff and everyone just took what they wanted. We didn’t do an organized exchange. Some people only had one baby and didn’t have anything to bring, but that was totally cool because they took a lot of stuff from the moms with older kids (us moms with lots of toy clutter).

You could do something far more organized like this, but we all went just wanting to get rid of all of our items. If people took it great, if not it was being donated afterwards.


Have you ever done an organized exchange like this? I’d love to hear how you organized it.

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