Cotton Wreath


I admit that before moving to North Carolina I had never even seen a cotton plant. Now I’m slightly obsessed with them. We even had our last family photos taken in a cotton field.

So when Kristen from Sophia’s told me that her favourite source for faux cotton was having a huge sale, I snatched some up. I found them at GrandinRoadI can’t seem to find the cotton garland on their website now. But maybe they’ll get more in.


Supplies Needed:

Faux cotton garland
Wreath form
Fishing line (I couldn’t find mine so I used dental floss)
Hot glue gun
Scrap fabric


I picked up my wreath form at a thrift store for 25 cents. For some strange reason wreath forms are really expensive. So when I see them at thrift stores I always grab them.

I used some scrap burlap and covered my wreath form using a hot glue gun.

After that I simply attached the cotton garland using tooth floss (it would have been better if I could have found our fishing line).wreath-ribbonI didn’t have any pretty ribbon to hang the wreath with. But I do have a ridiculous amount of scrap fabric. So I simply ripped off some long pieces and used the fabric to hang the wreath.

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4 thoughts on “Cotton Wreath

  1. I LOVE this! I’m emailing my sister and brother now to see if they’ll swing by our friend’s cotton field on the way home from college next trip. Hopefully he’s willing to part with some…at least enough for a wreath. Great idea and I love how it looks with the fabric scraps–off to pin now. Thanks so much sharing.

  2. Very pretty! We came across some cotton fields nearby last summer, with signs that warned against taking any. Drat, must be a few bloggers around, wanting to make pretty vignettes and wreaths. :D

    • Oh man yeah I guess that’s an issue. I was going to check out the Raleigh Farmers Market to see if they sold some, but this fake stuff is so real looking.

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