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PinExt Kitchen Cabinet Pegboard

pegboard kitchen storage Kitchen Cabinet PegboardSupplies:

  • pegboard
  • wood screws
  • spray primer
  • paint
  • chevron painters tape (optional)
  • assortment of pegboard hooks

cupboard before Kitchen Cabinet Pegboard

I’m showing off my messy baking cupboard today. Luckily I never bake, because opening that door led to an avalanche of sprinkles, powder sugar and cookie cutters.

While cleaning the cupboard out I was trying to figure out how to better use the space in that cupboard. And the door was wasted space.

I’ve been trying to use up all the scrap wood in my garage. And I knew I had some scrap pegboard. Unfortunately it was a long and narrow piece. But cutting it into 2 pieces worked.

With pegboard you just need a space between it and the surface you are screwing it into. This allows the hangers to attach to the pegboard. You can see in the above ‘before’ picture that my door had a recessed area on it. Perfect amount of space. So I simply screwed the pegboard to the outer ‘frame’ area of the door. But if your door is a flat surface just attach a small piece of wood to the bottom and top to bring the pegboard out a bit. I bet that a couple of paint stir sticks would even work.

chevron frog tape Kitchen Cabinet PegboardI used spray paint primer to prime the pegboard first. Then gave it two coats of yellow spray paint. Screwed it to the door. Then decided everything looks better with chevron. I know, I know chevron is totally overdone. But whatever. I have this cool Chevron Painters Tape that needs to be put to use. cookie cutter organization Kitchen Cabinet PegboardI had a ton of leftover pegboard hooks from my garage pegboard and the long ones work perfectly for storing several cookie cutters storage Kitchen Cabinet PegboardI had no idea I even owned Hallowe’en cookie cutters till now.

Now to tackle the rest of the kitchen.

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PinExt Kitchen Cabinet Pegboard
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  1. What does the outside of the cupboard look like? can you see the screws/bolts that hold the peg board to the cupboard door?
    I really love this idea but don’t want to see the board on the outside.

  2. I’ve been wanting to get some of that chevron tape…I think I’m going to do it! Thanks for the inspiration! :) Thanks for linking up to the “Get Your DIY On” link up party! Remember to come back on February 2nd with your simple décor projects you love!

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