Modern Rugs for Under $120

PinExt Modern Rugs for Under $120

discount rugs Modern Rugs for Under $120 I’ve been slightly obsessed with modern rugs lately. Not sure why. Maybe I just feel the need to cover up our current gold-fish and dirt stained white carpeting.

Since I can’t afford to buy all these amazing rugs I thought I’d share my favorite inexpensive sources for 5 x 7 rugs with you. I’ve bought rugs from all of these sources and have been 100% happy with each of the rugs.

urban outfitters plus sign rug Modern Rugs for Under $120

Urban Outfitters Home Plus Sign Rug 5 x 7 $89

I’m waiting for this one to go on clearance. It’s so going to be mine.

red stripped rug Modern Rugs for Under $120

RugsUSA Santa Ana Striped Red Rug 5 x 8 $97

The red stripes would be perfect in a boy’s room.

All of the RugsUSA rugs listed are currently listed at 70% off. If when you read this post they are no longer at 70% off just wait in a week or two they’ll be on sale again- they always are. I hear they do an 80% off sale once a year.

rugsusa navy block rug Modern Rugs for Under $120

RugsUSA Homespun Blocks Navy Rug 5 x 8 $119 (you can also find this rug at World Market and Ikea)

rugsusa herringbone rug Modern Rugs for Under $120RugsUSA Chevron Rug 5 x 8 $118 (I have this rug in our living room and love, love, love it)

trellis rug Modern Rugs for Under $120RugsUSA Homespun Trellis Black Rug 5 x 8 $118

yellow trellis rug Modern Rugs for Under $120

RugsUSA Tuscan Moroccan Trellis Yellow 5 x 8 $125

trellis Modern Rugs for Under $120

RugsUSA Keno Trellis Slate Rug 5 x 8 $104herringbone collage Modern Rugs for Under $120

Herringbone Rug Urban Outfitters 5 X 7 $59 (teal or grey)

urban outfitters rug Modern Rugs for Under $120And a hallway runner just for fun.

Urban Outfitters Magical Thinking Wavy Triangle Runner $54

So what would you pick?

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PinExt Modern Rugs for Under $120
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  1. Hi Danielle, I chanced upon your site while trolling for affordable modern rugs. I love your picks! Totally up my alley =)

  2. Not sure I like you anymore Danielle!! I have just spent the last 1/2 hour pinning rugs I want!! ;) OH MY GOSH! Now I will never be able to pick one!! hehehe!

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