Ruffle Tea Towels


I spent my Friday night adding ruffles to tea towels. Doesn’t that sound fun?  But it sure does beat wiping butts. And that’s what I spend my days doing (potty training almost complete in our household).


I picked up a pack of plain old white tea towels at Target this week for about $5.

I had a handful of various size strips of fabric cut out from a quilt I made years ago. You know pre-kids when I actually had time for things like quilting.

I folded the ends of each strip under and started sewing (see above photo).diy-ruffles

I didn’t bother hemming the strips. I just laid each strip down and randomly gave a small quarter inch fold to form the ruffles as I sewed. homemade-tea-towelsMuch more presentable than my drawer full of bleached, stained and ripped tea towels I currently own.

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One thought on “Ruffle Tea Towels

  1. These are so cute and custom looking Danielle- I love them. They would be great seasonally too. Good luck with finishing up the pottery training – we are having a few regressions right now (ugh!!).

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