My Source for Weathered Wood


Here’s my secret to finding yourself some hole-filled, splintery, uneven, cheap wood.

Sounds perfect right?

Maybe not perfect for all projects, but it’s perfect for making cute little signs. So want to know what this secret cheap wood is?

Cedar shake shingles!

They come in packets of 30 shingles, but it turns out people pick through those stacks of 30 and switch out good shingles for the ones all filled with holes. So when I was walking through Lowes looking for wood for my wood plank wall and saw this pile of splintery old weathered wood lying on the floor I thought “oh sweeeeet, those Lowes people are going to just give me these”. Well they didn’t. Instead they sold me 30 misfit cedar shakes for $12. Damn I was hoping for free, but I still took them.

The only problem with cedar shakes is that they are cut so one end is thicker than the other end. So if you are going to hang the sign on the wall you’ll have to offset the hanger that you use. 

I made a couple of signs last night using the cedar shakes and my Silhouette Cameo.hello-sign

 I used the “Hello!” file from the Silhouette Online Store for the above sign.

you-and-me-sign“You & Me” file from the Silhouette Online Store.

silhouette-signs.jpgWant to also see my magic trick for preventing bleed through under your stencil? Read my posts here laundry room stripes, or painted pegboard.

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  1. Great idea! We have shakes that we tore off the house when we replaced a window. They are only about 8 x 12, so they don’t make good signes, but they are good for other things, like birdhouses.

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