Boys Bathroom Makeover

bathroom-makeoverOur bathroom, like the rest of our newly built suburban home, had zero charm. Not even a teeny tiny bit. Builder grade bathtub, boring oak vanity, cheap lighting, white walls, laminate floors, nothing that anyone would fall in love with. It was plain old boring.
painted-bathroom-vanityWe certainly didn’t have the budget to do a full renovation. And honestly it didn’t need it. Our house is basically brand new. It may have been boring but it’s all brand new. With just a bit of paint and some wood, I worked with what we had. And for just $200 I think it looks like a whole new bathroom.
boys-bathroom-makeoverI painted the walls Martha Stewart “Driftwood Gray” and the cabinet is Martha Stewart “Mariner”.  Added some cabinet pulls from Home Depot.
blue-bathroom-cabinetpainted-bathroom-cabinetA simple way to add character (and cheaply) is with board and batten. I used the super thin 2″ wide battens which are just .66 cents per foot from Home Depot (found on the back wall of the store). I chose these because they were a super inexpensive, and because I didn’t want to deal with removing the existing base molding. These battens matched up perfectly to our existing (thin-builder grade) base molding (see picture at bottom of post).

The boards come in 8 foot lengths, and I just had the store cut them to 4 feet lengths for me. That way they also fit in your car.
To attach to the wall I just used a couple of finishing nails and some liquid nails. I spaced the battens 12″ apart.
For the ledge I chose a 3″ batten on top.  And then topped that with a 1 X 2 pine board. No fancy saws needed I just used a simple hand saw and mitre box.
I also framed out the builder grade mirror with wood. I simply stuck the wood on with liquid nails (specifically the stuff made for mirrors).
Seriously so easy. You can do this on your own, I promise. No need to beg your husband to do it for you!

brush-your-teethI found this poster on Etsy and at $18 it was a bit of a splurge, but I love it. diy-kids-bathroom-art

I used the leftover wood from the board and batten walls and some stencils to make this sign. For more details on the sign click here.bathroom-board-batten-wall

Anyone with young kids knows how much time you spend sitting beside the bathtub while your kids splash around in the tub. I wanted something a bit more comfortable than the toilet to sit on. So I took one of those ugly storage cubes that you can find at Target and covered it in some fabric using a staple gun. Details for the storage cube makeover can be found day we’ll replace the laminate floors but for now it works with the grey and white walls.bathroom-plants


I used my Silhouette to cut out the words “get naked” out of some vinyl. You can also purchase these decals  on Etsy.thin-board-battan-baseboardHere is an up close photo to show how the battens match up to the thickness of our existing baseboards.

Budget Breakdown

  • primer (already owned)- free
  • 1 quart Mariner paint for cabinet $18
  • 1 quart Driftwood Gray for walls $18
  • white trim paint already owned – free
  • all wood (I think I only needed 5 8-foot pieces and I just cut them in half) was about $50 including the top trim pieces
  • Shower curtain already owned Target – a few years ago
  • Towels – Target $3 each $9
  • Wood for mirror trim $20
  • 2 tubes of liquid nails $10
  • finishing nails already owned – free
  • Etsy Brush youteeth” poster – $18; frame already owned
  • “Sometimes being a Brother is even Better than being a Superhero” art – $6 for letter stencil (A.C. Moore) paint already owned and scrap wood free
  • 3 hooks for towels $4 each Home Depot – $12
  • 3 photos above towel hooks – Instagram photos developed $3; frames $5 each (A.C. Moore)
  • 4 cabinet knobs for vanity $2.27 each (approx $12 total)
  • wire basket on counter already owned – $18 local antique market
  • Storage Cube – $25

Total Cost: $234

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26 thoughts on “Boys Bathroom Makeover

  1. I came across your page on your bathroom makeover. We are thinking of doing the batten board in our kitchen. I bought trim paint but you can see the wall texture is not smooth. I guess from the paint rollers over the years. Are your walls smooth like trim?

  2. Looks great! Hopefully this isn’t a dumb question… Did you have to pull out the vanity to put the wood on the wall where the light switches are?

  3. Will you tell me a little bit more about the color of the cabinets? Was it mariner the color? And which brand was the color from? I want to use the exact one!

  4. I’m wondering if you had to take the toilet out to do the board and batten behind it. I’m wanting to do something like this in my bathroom, but I feel like taking the toilet out is a lot of work.

  5. Hi there,

    WE just love this bathroom make-over! So perfect to do in my boys little bathroom. The white paint used is it gloss, high gloss or matte or eggshell? I want to make sure when I do this my white part of the wall is not to glossy or to dull. Please help : )

  6. Just curious, did you sand the cabinets?
    Prime them? or just throw the paint on there?

    THANKS! it look great – amazing!

    • I gave them a very very light sanding. I know you’re really suppose to give cabinets a good sanding first, but I’m always to lazy for that. I painted the cabinet 2 years ago and it’s held up perfectly so far.

  7. What a beautiful job you did! I love everything you did. I’m kicking myself that I went with stained woodwork when we built our house. I would love to have had the board and batten in one of our bathrooms.

    • I imagine the stained woodwork is beautiful. Our home has the most basic cheap moldings so I’m very jealous of homes with great woodwork.

  8. wow, where do you find the time for all these amazing projects danielle?!?! look great, especially the sign! Thanks so much for linking up at Creativity Unleashed Link Party last week. Featuring you tomorrow on the blog and hope to see you back!

  9. I love this! I am making my list to go to Home Depot for supplies! My boys need a makeover too! I love painted cabinets. I have done my kitchen cabinets and master bath. What kinda wood did you use for the mirror trim?

    • Hey Amanda I actually did this makeover 2 years ago (before I had a blog) so I can’t remember exactly what I bought. Plus I didn’t do a great job with it so that’s why I didn’t blog about the details of it. I remember I just went into the lumber department and just starting looking at boards. I kind of went with an arts and crafts feel. I know that I bought the cheapest boards they had and I did use liquid nails thats made for mirrors. It’s been up there for 2 years and hasn’t fallen off yet!

    • Hey Elizabeth, I either found the storage cube at Target or Walmart. They normally always have them in the summer time as a dorm room kind of decor. They’re always an ugly color but you can easily staple new fabric on.

  10. I LOVE this, Danielle! Our kids bathroom is in need of a makeover and this is really inspiring me to get going on that project! I have similar cabinets and I love how the blue turned out. Classy and clean. Pinning this now and hoping to do the same in my home!

    • Thanks so much Carrie. I know I love painted cupboards. And it really does make them look way more expensive than what they are. Can’t wait to see your bathroom makeover.

  11. Danielle – everything looks great! Perfect for 2 little boys. The ‘get naked’ decal cracks me up. I’m sure that your boys think it’s hysterical. You have great attention to detail – all of it adds up to a beautiful space!

  12. I’m always amazed at the transformation you can get by painting those builder grade cabinets! I love the blue that you used. What an awesome update, and I love that etsy print too! Hope you are having a great week!

  13. Wow – that is a pretty amazing transformation for $234 Danielle! I love it!! The whole thing looks amazing… doesn’t board and batten just add so much character to any room? Love your print and the pallet sign too!! Pinning:)

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