DIY Hand Stamped Spoons

hand-stamped-vintage-spoonsI totally missed my opportunity to shop the Raleigh Flea Market with Rob Lowe this weekend, but I did pick up these cool vintage serving spoons. You can read all about Rob Lowe and the Flea Market here.

I’m a terrible photographer so it’s difficult to see but I stamped the words, THANKFUL, EAT TOGETHER LOVE TOGETHER, & NOM NOM NOM (don’t look too closely I misspelled thankful. I didn’t even notice until I went to edit the photos).

It’s a bit tricky stamping on a curved surface, so mine are far from perfect. But I actually don’t mind the imperfection of the lettering.

For this project you don’t need many supplies, it’s just the lettering stamps that you will probably need to purchase. I bought mine at Beaducation. I’ve heard that you can sometimes find them at Harbor Freight.



  • letter stamps
  • hammer
  • spoons
  • tea towel
  • black sharpie 
  • bench block (optional)


I made some rough markings on my spoon to help with lining up the lettering (although I still managed to mess them all up).

vintage-spoonsWrap a towel around the bench block. This will help keep the spoon from slipping around.

hand-stampedCarefully line up the letters and give them a few good whacks with the hammer. Just be careful not to move the letter stamp at all.

flea-market-makeoversFill in the lettering with the sharpie. Rub excess marker off with a dry rag. And you’re done.



When my oldest son came home we made a ‘Cereal Killer’ Spoon together. He totally didn’t get it, but he loves it.

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12 thoughts on “DIY Hand Stamped Spoons

  1. Do you eat off of these after using the permanent marker? Does the darkness last after use? I want to make some but I am concerned about how you get the lettering to pop. Yours are adorable!

    • I have eaten off them, the permanent marker stayed (after washing) not sure if I should be eating off them with the permanent marker, but I do :)

    • Hi Susan I actually didn’t flatten the spoons. That’s why the stamping is so uneven, it was hard stamping on a curved surface. Are your spoons stainless steel? Because I think the stainless is a lot harder, so that may be why you can’t flatten them. Otherwise I think a hammer would do the trick.

  2. Your spoons turned out great. Your stamps must be smaller than mine. I could not get that many letters on the spoon. I need to fine some smaller letters.
    I use sterling spoons as well. These seem to work best.
    Have a great week,

  3. I got my letters at Harbor Freight and was so excited to do this, but mine were a total fail! I could not get good impressions on the spoons. I even flattened the spoons as I was going to use them as plant markers.
    Totally jealous of your spoons! I think they look great.

    • Oh no! I’ve heard that it doesn’t work on silver plated spoons. I had to look for old spoons at a flea market to get it to work. I’ll try it on a silver plated one and see if it works at all. Or maybe it was the stamp set.

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