Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis

A couple of weeks ago I missed my opportunity to shop for flea market junk with Rob Lowe, so I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to meet America’s most hilarious home flipper. I’m a die-hard Flipping Out fan. Maybe I’m more of a Jenni and Zoila fan, but Jeffrey is a close second.raleigh-home-showJeff was speaking at our local Home Show. I threw some mac and cheese on the table and left my husband with the kids for a couple of hours to go listen to all the funny things Jeff had to say about design. And he didn’t disappoint.

Flipping Out season 7 starts March 5.

Jeff talked about his new paint line Jeff Lewis Color.¬†And shared the exciting news that Home Depot will soon carry his paint line! Home Depot is going to test it first with online sales and if it’s popular they will carry it in stores. So fingers crossed.

Jeff was so sweet and kind. He stayed behind afterwards and took a photo with every single person there, and answered everyone’s questions. There were about 200 people in front of me and I knew that mac and cheese had run out about an hour ago so I had to head home.

jeff-lewis-paintLook at this cutie I spotted behind the scenes.


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    • I know it’s probably the only home show that my husband will watch too. We considered getting a baby-sitter and having him come too!

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