Chalkboard Coffee Table


I picked up this coffee table on Craig’s List and loved the shape of the bottom of it. But it wasn’t until picking it up that I realized the top of it was just a boring laminate top. Of course they didn’t advertise that the top was just laminate.

I was about to just re-list it again on Craig’s List, but thought I may as well paint the laminate top with chalkboard paint and see if it was any better. And I love it.

priming laminate furnitureTo begin I sanded the top. Then gave it one coat of high quality primer.

chalkboard-coffee-table.jpgA couple of coats of black chalkboard paint and it’s ready for the kids.

I just love what a bit of paint can do in transforming a piece.

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8 thoughts on “Chalkboard Coffee Table

  1. So I was browsing pinterest and I was like”hey that looks like Danielles living room.” Crazy

  2. Your table turned out so cute Danielle, I bet your kids are loving it! That looks like good primer will have to give that one a try.

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