Flea Market Challenge

As my boys are getting older and older it’s starting to become a bit easier to take them to my favourite place, the flea market! It’s so fun to show the boys all the cool old things that just don’t exist today. We found a 1950’s television that kind of blew their minds.

And these are the goodies that blew my mind at the Raleigh Flea Market┬áthis weekend. I always found great stuff here. Those soda crates were $10 each. Totally should have bought more. But my husband was harassing me about the three I did find. He just doesn’t get it.raleigh-flea-market.jpgThe next day I found all of this for $30 at SuzAnna’s Antiques. I’ve been looking for a sugar mold like this forever. This spot is always a fun place to shop.

Flea Market Swap

I’m a total sucker for a flea market. So when Charlotte from Ciburbanity approached me about teaming up with nine amazing bloggers for a Flea Market Challenge I was all in.


We were each assigned a type of material (ie metal, wood, fabric) and asked to buy something related to that material and mail it to the person assigned to you.

I was slightly intimidated because my flea market partner was the seriously talented Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co. She found and sent to me this brass petal bowl and a wicker duck. Cute huh?thrift-store-challenge.jpgStay tuned tomorrow for the full reveal of what all ten bloggers, including myself, did with their items.


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4 thoughts on “Flea Market Challenge

  1. What a fun idea! I love the sugar mold too. Found a GIANT one (I think 15 holes) at a garage sale a few months ago, and the lady wanted $2 for it. From what I can tell it seemed original, didn’t look like a perfectly shaped repro. One of my better garage sale finds :) Wish I could make it to the Raleigh market, sounds like a great one!

    • What!!! That’s an amazing deal. The guy I bought mine from had some larger ones but he was selling them for $75 so you seriously scored. It would look so cool on a big table with candles or flowers or something in. I’m jealous :)

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