Eat-in Kitchen Makeover


Since our actual dinning room is our playroom / my craft space, the eat-in kitchen space is our only dinning area. I’m not a fan of formal dinning rooms anyways so this space is all our family needs.

I painted the walls before we even moved in. I’ve actually hated the color since the day I painted it. It was more baby blue than I wanted. Was looking for a grey. But the thought of repainting it is just too much (it covers our entire main level).

Sorry about the worst before blog picture ever. I took this photo the day of our home inspection. Say hi to our realtor and inspector. But it gives you an idea of what we started with. A pretty basic space that you would find in most suburban homes.

The corner cabinet came from Craig’s List for $20. It was white so I painted it yellow and stained the counter part with a dark walnut stain. The cabinet it a really inexpensive laminate cabinet. Probably originally purchased at Wal-Mart or Target. But I love painting these cheap pieces of furniture that most people toss. Laminate really is so easy to paint.

The top portion holds my cookbooks and the bottom cabinet holds some of the kids craft supplies and play dough.

My mom made me this table about 10 years ago. I’m thinking of repainting the base of it sometime soon. It’s covered in sticky little fingerprints. So maybe it will be easier to just paint it rather than clean

I added board and batten to the walls and love the character it gives to the space. I don’t have any pictures of the process since I did it pre-blog but it’s super easy. Just get the hardware store to cut your wood and then nail it up. Trust me anyone can do it. And all by yourself!  My husband sat comfortably on the couch and watched hockey while I did this. colorful-kitchenThe chairs were a flea market find and I just spray painted them. They’ve held up really well to the kids abuse so far. And once they get all dinged up I’ll just spray paint them again.

Eventually I would love to plank the side of the peninsula wall and add a reclaimed wood counter. But that has been on my to-do list for three years now and still hasn’t happened.

To see details of the kitchen makeover check out the post here.

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23 thoughts on “Eat-in Kitchen Makeover

  1. I totally love your kitchen – the window area colors and style are so cheerful! I was wondering if you could mention the wall color you used? I know you said you were looking for something a little more grey, but to me it looks perfect. Our kitchen and eat in area are more of a medium blue, but here in Seattle it is just too dark. We need to lighten things up! Thanks!

  2. Such a cute space Danielle! I love the board and batten and the different color spray painted chairs are adorable. What a great shape (bentwood, is that called?? love them, anyhow). The little corner cabinet is perfect- I agree, painting laminate is easy and turns out so well. Such a cheery fun family space!

  3. I LOVE hoe colorful it is. Very bright and cheerful. BTW, I have a formal dining room and never use it. I thought at least it would get use for Easter and Christmas, but not even then. I much prefer my eat in kitchen area!

  4. Love the happy colors! I’m a neutral girl at heart, but I’ve been craving lots of bold colors lately. I even had our front door painted a bold blue this spring. Probably not shocking to most; but for me, it was a wild ride!!!

  5. Great corner cabinet!! I love these but they don’t take up a huge amount of space and still are super functional! Thanks for finally letting us see your adorable kitchen!!!

  6. Your kitchen and eating area look like such a happy place! I love the sunny yellow you used for your corner cabinet and also how you painted your chairs different colors. My grandparents had the same chairs in their kitchen many moons ago.

    It was great to connect with you at Haven!

  7. Have you tried painting with Milk Paint? So far I have found it quite easy and durable.

  8. Danielle – I love love love that cabinet! Your kitchen looks fabulous. I want to paint our kitchen cabinets soon and now I know who to call to help me get started :)!

    • lol, I had to wait until Ben was away at a conference to paint them. I don’t even think he noticed when he came home:) It’s seriously not as big of a job as it looks. You probably have exactly the same cabinets that we have so if you have any questions you know where to find me :) I’d love to help you.

    • No I wish I did. I painted it before I had a blog. But it was all white and it’s laminate. I didn’t even sand it down first, I’m pretty lazy. I just used regular latex paint on it and it’s been there for 3 years and has held up great.

  9. Hi Danielle! Your kitchen looks wonderful! I wish I had the nerve to paint my cabinets, I love how you used two different colors. You are also very handy, I can’t believe you did the board and batten yourself. I do have a question for you about the laminate cabinet you painted, it looks like you have lightly distressed it and I was wondering how you did that? I love the color you chose too, so bright and cheery!! Now to just get out of my “oh my gosh, I’m afraid I will mess it up if I paint it” mode!!!!

    • Hi Cheryl sorry I’m just answering you now, I’ve been out of town this week. Anyways for the cabinet I wish I had before pics but I painted it before I actually had a blog so I didn’t even think to take a before picture of it. But I was lazy and didn’t even sand it before painting it. I know you’re really suppose to sand it but I just can’t be bothered. I did lightly distress it just with sandpaper. I just went over the edges with a piece of sandpaper and just removed a bit of the paint. I also watered down a small amount of stain and wiped that on with a rag, then quickly wiped it off with a clean rag. Just enough to to age it a bit. I honestly only did all that because I didn’t really like that yellow paint (it was a free can of paint that I got from a friend). Hope that helps. And you can totally paint your own cabinets! My opinion is if you don’t love them than you have nothing to lose you may as well paint them!

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