Painted Kitchen Makeover

painted-kitchen-makeover.jpgI painted my kitchen three years ago. Why haven’t I blogged about it? Because I’ve been waiting to finish it. Well that’s obviously not going to happen. I figured I would just share what I’ve been able to finish so far.

kitchen-boring-cabinets.jpg.jpgIt was a pretty typical suburban kitchen. This kitchen looked like every single home we toured when searching for a home. Pretty darn boring. Just cheap looking

Our long-term goal is to replace the linoleum floor, counters and add a backsplash. But for now we had to work with the grey tones in the flooring and counters. And really they aren’t that bad. I know it could be much worse. In our first home we had bright pink counters and floors. So anything is better than that. But I think the blue lower cabinets work with what we had.


I added the wood corbels from Home Depot. Just painted them and hot glued them to the wall. Yup a hot glue gun.

blue-kitchen-cabinets.jpgWe are slowly replacing the appliances with stainless as our old ones break.

I’m not a crazy stainless person. I actually love the look of white appliances but I’m no fool.

I watch House Hunters.

And I know that every home buyer wants stainless, hardwoods and granite counter tops. So for resale sake we’re going with stainless. And so far our dishwasher, microwave and faucet have all

I switched the pantry door from a bifold door to a french door, and of course gave it a fresh coat of paint. You can see bifold door tutorial here. And the Grocery Sign above the door came from my very own shop The Salvage

The yellow light was a brass pendant light fixture I found at The ReStore and spray painted yellow. I added the shelf with wood brackets I picked up at a flea market. painted-blue-kitchen.jpg

I’d love a subway tile backsplash, but that’s not happening anytime soon, so I added some plastic plates to the wall for a bit of

Added some cafe style curtains from scrap fabric that I had. The polka dot is from Amy Butler and the floral is from Heather Bailey. I’m slightly obsessed with the Heather Bailey little fabric bunting.


The faucet is from Overstock.billy-balls.jpg

Billy Balls flowers ordered from Etsy and the $7 Mason Jar from the Raleigh Flea Market.bottle-opener.jpg

Etsy bottle opener.

kitchen-storage-vintage.jpgOur 7 year-old neighbour thinks it’s really weird that we have a gum display in our kitchen. But it actually functions really well for all those papers that seem to take over our counters.
painted-kitchen.jpgSneak peak from the eat in kitchen part. I’ll be posting pictures of the dinning area soon.simple-kitchen-makeover.jpgI know it’s not for everyone. But I think it’s perfect for our young family. And at least it’s not boring anymore.

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17 thoughts on “Painted Kitchen Makeover

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  2. do you have a pattern or instructions for the curtains? I love the two-colors.


  3. Love your color scheme…very charming! Can you please give the name and color of the paint you used on your kitchen walls? Thanks so much!

  4. What a cute transformation!! I found your blog for how to change the bi-fold door into a french door. Loved it and will do the same with my pantry door! I really loved the final result with the kitchen. Very unique! :-)

  5. I love what you did, excellent job. I prefer the white appliances also. I think the stainless is on its way out, too much work to keep it clean.

  6. Cute ideas. I actually want to know how to get those curtains. I’ve been trying to find a solution for our kitchen window without it looking old and outdated. Yours looks cute!

  7. Love the paint colors on the cabints! What brand and color of paint did you use?

    • Hi Kristin I used Martha Stewart Shale MSL276 I can’t remember what brand of paint I bought by I asked them specifically for paint made for kitchens. It needs to be really scrubbable. Hope that helps.

  8. It looks great Danielle! I love the added corbels under the cabinets and the two-tone paint. How did you paint the cabinets? Latex? Chalk paint? Sand and prime, or not? I’m thinking through attempting mine soon.

    • OK I am super lazy so I barely sanded mine at all (although you totally should so don’t follow my advice). But I’ve painted the kitchen cabinets in our last 3 homes that we’ve owned and I’ve never had the paint peel or flake off. With this kitchen the doors are wood and the side panels are a laminate veneer so I lightly sanded them (just to give them a bit of grip for the paint to stick too). After that I primed them with Kilz brand primer then gave them 2 coats of latex paint (but ask for the paint made for kitchens and baths). I do wish I had added some sort of polycrylic or something and I’m going to look into doing that soon. I find with 2 boys who like to play hockey in our kitchen I do have a few scratches in the paint. But my kids have destroyed everything in our house so I totally expected that to happen. Anyways if you don’t love your kitchen right now I say go for it! I know you won’t regret it.

  9. I actually prefer white appliances as well! When our dishwasher died it would have cost more for a white one so we got stainless steel.

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