Eulalie’s Sky Milk Paint

blue-milk-paintEulalie’s Sky and Ironstone milk paint.

drop-leaf-side-tablePicked up this adorable drop leaf side table at a garage sale for just 20 bucks! eulalia's-sky-milk-paintDecided to try Miss Mustard Seed Eulalie’s Sky. It turned out a bit lighter than I wanted, I still love this colour.

I prefer to mix milk paint in an old jar and shake it up. The paint does foam, but I give it a stir and most of the foam bubbles get incorporated back into the paint.
milk-paint-flakingI love using milk paint, but you never know what’s going to happen. That may be what I like most about it (that and you don’t have to do any prep work). On this side table there was one small area that the paint didn’t take to at all.milk-paint-bonding-agentTo fix this I had to add some bonding agent to the mixed up milk paint. And did another coat.miss-mustard-seed-hemp-oilAfter it had dried I applied Miss Mustard Seed Hemp Oil for added protection.eulalia's-sky-paint

I ran out of the Eulalie’s blue milk paint and I find with milk paint that I can never mix another batch to match the original paint. So I mixed up a small amount of Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone. And painted the drawer front in Ironstone.

Oh how I love a good garage sale find!

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  1. A lot of blogs I see these days don’t really provide anything that I’m interested in, but I’m most definitely interested in this one. Please keep up the effective work.

    • I know they’re my new favourite flower too. I found these ones on Etsy. Just search billy balls. I also bought seeds on etsy. Because it would obviously be cheaper to try to grow my own and dry them. Love them.

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