Swap It Like It’s Hot…Part Deux

Remember a few months ago when I mailed a bunch of thrift store junk to someone, and another blogger mailed me a bunch of junk. And then we all made something out of it. It was so much fun that we’re doing it all again. And this time even more bloggers are joining in on the fun.flea-market-makeoverthrift-store-swap

My shipment of goodies came from one of my favourite bloggers Shannon over at AKA Design. I think I first fell in love with her when I saw her board and batten family room.

My package from Shannon included wooden utensils, books, a bar of soap, some 45’s, and a Style at Home magazine (which this transplanted Canuck greatly appreciated).



I initially wanted to try the paint dipped utensils I’ve seen all over the place. But I imagine the paint would just come off after the first wash. Not to mention that I hate doing dishes so everything has to be dishwasher safe in my house. I know not what you’re suppose to do.

Instead I chose to only use the meat tenderizer. I cut the handle off and cut a small slat in the top of it to hold little notes, cards, and artwork and glued it to a little “We are Proud of You” sign I made.

It’s hung next to our kitchen table. Now that both my kiddos are in school I’m hoping it reminds us to celebrate the boys achievements at dinner time. I can simply throw a piece of school work, report card, or note in there and we can all talk about it while sitting down for dinner. Simple.

Our normal dinner time conversations involve making sure everyone is wearing at least underwear, no licking of any plates, using a fork instead of your hand to eat something like apple sauce, actually eating more than one little nibble, you get the idea. So hopefully this will remind us to focus on the positive.prevent-bleedthrough-stencil

My little secret to using stencils is to paint the entire stencil with gesso (which can be found in the art section of any craft store). It creates a barrier that prevents the paint from seeping under the stencil and creating messy lines. I let it dry and simply paint as normal (I’m a lucky duck and have a silhouette cameo to create all my cool stencils).honeycomb-signMy husband really wanted me to just glue the meat tenderizer to a sign that read “Love Me Tender”. What a dork.


I also decided to do a quick little makeover of the 45’s I got. {We didn’t have to use every single thing in the package sent}.
record-bookendsWith these I decided to make bookends. I simply dipped them in boiling water. And within 45 seconds or so they had melted enough to easily bend. Once removed from the water they immediately cooled. It really was an easy little project.

My 5 year-old has no clue what they are, but he knows they have something to do with music so that makes them cool. But maybe not as cool as Harry Potter.

how-to-bend-recordCan’t wait to see what everyone else did. Especially what Dena from Hearts & Sharts did with the thrift store finds that I mailed to her.

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So what’s your coolest thrift store makeover? We’d love to see your flea market finds and makeovers.

We want to see them so much that we’ve even created a little link up for you to join in the fun.

22 thoughts on “Swap It Like It’s Hot…Part Deux

  1. Danielle, you are super creative! I LOVE the record bookends… such a clever way to melt only a portion of them! And that little ‘we are proud’ board is so sweet! I’ll have to remember that gesso tip for stencils! Great idea!

  2. LOVE the meat tenderizer…but loved your husband’s idea, too! Also- the records are THAT easy?! I was just looking at some record projects this week and now I’m wishing I’d bought some cheap ones at the thrift store! LOVE it, Danielle and SO glad you reupped with the swap! :)

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