DIY Fabric Bulletin Board

bulletin-beforeI realize I’m not the first to cover a thrift store bulletin board in fabric. But a DIY fabric bulletin board is just such an easy and cheap way to add some colour to a room.fabric-bulletin-boardMy 6 year-olds bedroom is on the small side. Like 9×10. So every inch needs to be used.

Since starting kindergarten I’ve promised him a desk. But with so little space it’s been hard to find one small enough. After 4 months of Craig’s List searching I gave up. And just gave him my favourite little table from my craft room. The one I found for $30 and refinished with coconut oil. You can find that tutorial here.

I picked up this small sugar mold at an antique store to hold his crayons and pencil crayons. Is pencil crayons just a Canadian term? I get weird looks when I use that term.

Note: Sugar molds are deeper than the size of crayons so they get stuck in the bottom of the mold. To fix this I stuffed some play dough into the bottom of the mold so that the crayons would stick up out of the top a bit. The play dough has been in there for a couple of weeks but I’ll let you know if it ends up going bad. Sometimes play dough can go a bit moldy.ikea-bulletin-boardI made the number banner using some paper numbers that I picked up from an antique store forever ago. I sewed them together to make the garland.

The red cabinet I picked out of my sisters barn and gave it a coat of red milk paint. It holds all his little cars.

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