Rusted Roots January Show

rusted-rootsI have been dying to get some small home makeovers done around here. I’m dreaming of refinishing our stairs and adding a plank wall in our rather boring living room. But instead of been making lots and lots of signs. You can find all of my signs at The Salvage Sign.

This past weekend I participated in Rusted Roots first ever monthly show. And boy was it a great one. People came from all over the south east. I met so many lovely rust loving friends.

Rusted Roots next show is February 20-22 so grab a couple of girlfriends and come get your junk!

(sorry for the terrible pics in this post, I was using my old phone)february-monthly-junk-shownorth-carolina-sign

I had lots of North Carolina signs of

A few new signs. tomatoes-signAnd of few of my favorites from Candace…rusted-lettersold-sifterwater-spigot-flowers

See that tobacco basket in the background? That was my big purchase. I’ve been looking for one forever and I couldn’t pass it up with such a great price.

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About Danielle

Thanks for stopping by! My family and I recently moved into a builder box home. And in between playdates and swim lessons you can find me adding some thrifty, diy charm to our new home.

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  6. How am I just now seeing this awesome recap of the show?!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! It is always an honor to sell your fab-tastic signs at the shop!! Looking forward to another amazing time in February!! :)

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