Living with the Kitchen Peninsula

peninsula-makeoverWe moved into our house seven years ago. Said we’d lower the peninsula bar top, and remove a few cabinets.

Of course we’ve done none of that. No time, no money. Same old story.

We may never have the money so I decided to just make do.


I started by removing the laminate counter top that was way to big for the small space. Simply replaced it with a 6″ wide board and stained it.DSC_0385


Adding board and batten, especially for a teeny tiny size space like this, is so easy.

No fancy miter cuts or anything. Simple straight cuts.

I started by adding a 4″ wide boards all around the edge of the space. And I just used finishing nails to attach the boards.
kitchen-peninsulaNext part was adding the 3 middle strips. Same thing just a few finishing nails.

Then caulked and filled in any edges or crevices. high-top-peninsula

Two coats of white paint and that’s it!kitchen-island-board-and-battenMaybe one day we’ll be able to replace the counters and laminate floors but until then I’m just making do.

3 thoughts on “Living with the Kitchen Peninsula

  1. Hey! Thank you for the tip. I too have an awkward countertop in the way and needed an idea to make it look better!

    We are remodeling our kitchen on a super tight budget. Have you heard of Giani Granite? We had disgusting Formica counter tops, and no money for butcher block or granite! I found Giani counter kits for $75! It is mineral paints you paint your counters with to look like granite. It came out really well. I’m very pleased. You should give it a try.

    Thanks again, good luck!

  2. That’s what being a stay-at-home mom is always about–making due. I did for 14 years, and then went back to work because I wanted someone else to do for a little while!

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