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house-makeoverI can’t even believe I’m writing this post. We’ve loved this house so much over the past 8 years. When we moved in it was the best that we could afford. We had just moved from Canada to Raleigh and had a 3 month-old. And I was not working at the time. I’m not sure if I actually saw the potential in the house or if I was still in that completely sleep deprived new mom state.

This home had zero charm and character. I recently found some of the realtors pictures from when we bought the house (I’ll post those in another post soon) and it was pretty terrible. Typical builder everything. Not one thing was upgraded.

I’ve certainly learned that you don’t need a historical home with big chunky moldings and exposed brick to have a cute and charming house. Any home can look like this with a small budget and a little bit of DIY’ing.

But I’ve loved the challenge of working on an extreme budget and learning how to do things along the way.

My little business The Salvage Sign has begun to really take off and I have completely run out of work space.

So we have decided to move.

I will be so sad to leave this house. The only house my boys have known. And all of our wonderful neighbors. But I think it’s time.

I will try to update sources and paint colors soon. But I have a lot of boxes to pack before I do that. Hope you enjoy the little tour of our coloful home.















Dining Room (1)Family Room 03 (1)Family Room (1)Kitchen 02 (1)Batman Bedroom 02 (1)Batman Bedroom 03 (1)Batman-wall-decalsBathroom (1)Lego Bedroom (1)Lego Bedroom 02 (1)guest-bedroom-makeoverLaundry (cropped) (1)Master Bedroom 02 (1)Upstairs Landing (1)Backyard 02 (1)

3 thoughts on “Colorful House Tour

  1. I love the combination of colors in your home. Particularly the dining room 1. The furnishings fit well together and give a good character to the room. I bet the potential buyers were impressed with how the house is decorated; provides them with an idea on how to arrange things when they move in.

  2. I know you’re sad to leave your sweet house…but YOUR OWN WORKSHOP!!! Where you never have to put things away–just close and lock the door!!

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