Replacing Outdated Outlets

new-electrical outletsOur new house has the old beige electrical outlets from the 80’s still. I bought the 0.22 cent white covers thinking that would update them enough. But they’re still pretty ugly. I then spent hours searching blogs for tutorials on re-wiring them to new white outlets. But the thought of me doing any sort of electrical work is both scary and a bit intimidating. Especially considering how many outlets there are to replace. update-electrical-outletoutlet-coverThen I found these covers at Lowes. You can also find them on Amazon here. They were more expensive. I think about $2 each. And I needed a 3 switch light plate that I could only find on Amazon and it was $10. I know that sounds like a lot of money for a light switch cover. But so much easier than converting them all to white.updating-electrical-outletsSee so much better!

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