Shiplap Wall

shiplap-front-doorOur new house has a small apartment over the garage that we are hoping to rent out.

I’ve been trying to get the space fixed up. A shiplap wall in a small space like the entrance is an easy way to add some character for under $20.

What-to-use-for-shiplapI bought 1 8 foot by 4 foot sheet of luan underlayment at Lowes and had the guys there cut it into 6″ strips. You can find the luan underlayment in the plywood section and it’s $13.98 a sheet. 
apartment-entranceHow-to-shiplapI don’t even glue the pieces on the wall but a nail gun is makes it go by way faster. I’ve done it without a nail gun in the past and it was a lot harder. Just nail the boards to the wall and use pennies for spacers.shiplap-tutrialDecide the height you like.shiplapYou can see the edges are a bit rough-looking so I cut a piece of lattice that you can find in the trim section of Lowes. Just cut it to the same height and nail to the edge.
shiplap-entranceI added a 1×2 to the top edge. It gives it a nice little edge so you can put pictures or artwork on it.shiplapFill the little nail holes, sand and paint your new shiplap wall.

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