Peel & Stick Wallpaper Closet Makeover

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removable wallpaper kids bedroom

Peel & stick wallpaper in closet

We have a small closet in our bonus room. This room was originally a bedroom. But with just one high shelf and a clothing rack it wasn’t exactly functional.

I wanted to make this closet as pretty as possible because I plan to add a barn door to the closet in the future. And I’ve been wanting to try out peel & stick wallpaper forever.

removing wallpaper with fabric softener

I used equal parts hot water and  fabric softener in a spray bottle to help remove the wallpaper. It still took a lot of scraping but eventually came down.

removable wallpaper


I painted the entire closet with white eggshell paint. And added this Arrowhead Peel & Stick Wallpaper .

I only added the wallpaper on the back wall and it really was easy. You just peel off the backing and use a credit card to smooth it out. It did take a second to line up the second sheet but it’s only a closet and doesn’t have to be perfect.

DIY closet shelves

I added some strips to the wall to have something for the new shelves to sit on. Now we have a spot for all the games and all the kids sleeping bags and blow up mattress. This room is where the kids sleep when they have sleepovers with friends. So it’s nice to have all the sleepover gear right here.

Check out my next peel & stick wallpaper on my stairs!

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