Raised Garden Bed


Our new house had a great little fenced in raised bed garden. But of course it came filled with 3 feet high weeks instead of big red tomatoes.

My first little makeover in the house has been spending a week ripping out the weeds. Fun times.

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DIY Sandbox


how-to-build-a-sandbox-2littlesuperheroesThis corner of our garden was proving impossible to grow grass. So I promised the boys a DIY sandbox in this spot, if they pulled all the weeds. Jack got pulling, and Sam just got in his way. Guess that’s what a little brother is for.

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Weatherproofing My Garden Mirror

I found this old mirror hiding out under stacks of junk at The Scrap Exchange here in Durham, NC. Basically if it’s found under stacks of junk I’m going to buy it. I can’t help it. Somethings are just out of my control.

And for just $8 it was perfect for my garden.


But it’s not meant to be outdoors, you know enduring our daily thunderstorms that we seem to have every afternoon here in NC. So I had to figure out a way to weatherproof my garden mirror.


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Garden Mailbox Storage

I’m certainly no gardener. I love to dream about one day living in a home with a big beautiful mature garden full of hydrangea’s and climbing vines. But for now I have a backyard full of hard packed clay and crab grass. But I’m trying. I’m a tight budget so almost all the plants in my garden have been grown from seed. And after 3 years it’s starting to pay off. I actually have a little garden. Nothing to brag about on Pinterest but enough to keep me busy in the summer.

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