Raised Garden Bed


Our new house had a great little fenced in raised bed garden. But of course it came filled with 3 feet high weeks instead of big red tomatoes.

My first little makeover in the house has been spending a week ripping out the weeds. Fun times.

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Weatherproofing My Garden Mirror

I found this old mirror hiding out under stacks of junk at The Scrap Exchange here in Durham, NC. Basically if it’s found under stacks of junk I’m going to buy it. I can’t help it. Somethings are just out of my control.

And for just $8 it was perfect for my garden.


But it’s not meant to be outdoors, you know enduring our daily thunderstorms that we seem to have every afternoon here in NC. So I had to figure out a way to weatherproof my garden mirror.


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Growing Potatoes in Bags

I have to start by saying that I have no idea if this growing potatoes in a bag experiment is going to work. But if you want to try it with me than we can compare our crops at the end of the summer. Make it a little competition.

But if it doesn’t work please don’t blame me if we all end up with a bag full of mud and rotten potatoes.

I’m sure that won’t happen.

This past weekend was the perfect gardening kind of weekend. I picked up some herbs, tomato, pepper & bean plants at Lowes. But bypassed the seed potatoes. I seem to be able to grow potatoes from my compost potato peels, so I’m sure I can grow them from some old sprouted potatoes in my pantry.

I can’t be the only one who always seems to have a handful of rotten potatoes in her kitchen? I went home and pulled one bag out of the potato bin and the fermented potato juice dripped all over me. So gross. I really need to clean that bin more. But then I wouldn’t have any potatoes to grow.

Now that I had the rotten potatoes under control I needed a container to grow them in. I had pinned the plastic laundry bag trick on Pinterest. But after a trip to the dollar store I couldn’t find one of those laundry bins.

So I looked into Potato Grow Bags like this one from Gardner’s Supply. Umm $20 a bag, no thanks. But guess what? The $20 Potato Grow Bags are made out of the same material as those fabric reusable grocery bags that we all have. See where I’m going with this?

gardner's-supply-potato-bagGrowing Potatoes in BagsĀ Potato Bag Gardner’s Supply

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