Lullaby Paints Chalkboard Wall

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Looking for paint that’s safe to use in kids spaces, or to use while pregnant. Well I found it.  Lullaby Paints is non-toxic and safe for both kids and the environment.The colours are all great, making it extremely difficult to pick just one color. Lullaby Paints sells both non-toxic chalkboard paint and regular wall paint (more colours available for wall paint).

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No Sew Superhero Capes

My son chose a “Superheroes love LEGO & Ice Cream” party theme for his 4th Birthday Party this year.  At first I thought this was too much and tried to convince him to just do a LEGO party.  But he really wanted Superheroes too.  So why not.

Now to figure out how to incorporate the Superhero part into a LEGO Party.  A couple of years ago I made these super simple t-shirt capes and thought it would be easy enough to make for the 7 kids he has invited.

I went through Ben’s closet (with his knowledge of course) and pulled out a bunch of his old t-shirts.

Yikes, guess he needs to clean out his closet more!

Materials Needed

  • old t-shirts
  • fusible web
  • scrap fabric
  • thread
  • iron

Cut each t-shirt up the sides (right along the side seams) over the arms and around the t-shirt collar.  You can trim the t-shirt after you have put it on the child.  It’s better to cut it too big.

Take the fusible web and draw your background image on it. For my background images I used a triangle, an oval, and a lightning bolt.  The cape pictured below I drew a triangle looking design onto the fusible web and then cut it out.  The fusible web is simply a sticky layer with a paper backing on it.  You can buy this at any fabric store for about $3 a yard.

Take the cut out design and iron it onto your fabric (paper side up).  So the sticky side will stick to your fabric.

Now cut out the triangle shape again, now the fabric will be attached as well.

Now peel off the paper layer just like in the picture above.  Now you will have a sticky side that you can iron onto your t-shirt cape.

My pile of capes after ironing on the background.

Once all the backgrounds are ironed onto the t-shirt capes sew a zig-zag stitch around the entire background design.  Don’t forget to do a back stitch at the beginning and end.  This does not have to be perfect just enough so that the edges don’t fray when you wash the cape.

You can see here that my zig-zag stitch is far from perfect.  Don’t worry the kids won’t care!

Now do the exact same thing with the initial you are adding over top of the background design.

Here are the finished superhero capes that each of the kids will get for Jack’s Birthday Party.  I hope they like them as much as my kids do.




Come Meet Our Wee Mouse

Yup we have a little mouse in our house.  It’s the fanciest mouse on the block.  The kind that eats brie cheese and has a red victorian front door. Yes folks that’s how we roll.

But more importantly our fancy mouse brings the boys books when they are fast asleep.  

My boys are more into playing spiderman and building lego spaceships, than they are into reading.  I’m actually starting to worry about there lack of interest in books.  The only time they actually want to read is at bed time.  And it’s just a tactic to delay going to bed.  

So I need to be creative.  I heard about these super cute fairy doors that are scatered throughout Ann Arbor, Michigan, and thought it was so magical.  I totally wish I had one when I was a kid. 

My boys are not into fairies, actually I don’t even think they know what a fairy is.  So I decided a mouse door would be equally cute.  

I put the door up while they were asleep and let them discover it in the morning.  I left a book beside it with a note explaining that the mouse only comes out at night and he will leave them books to enjoy.  The mouse randomly delivers books that he finds at yard sales and from our school scholastic book orders.  He’s a cheap resourceful little guy.

The boys squeel for joy when they wake up in the morning and find the books.  They really do believe that a little mouse lives there and delivers books!

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How-to Clean Those Shoes Your Kid Won’t Take Off!

So my 1 year olds feet stink.  I mean like grown man foot stink.  It’s bad.  Part of the problem is his unconditional love for these smelly old crocs we picked up at a yard sale for $1.  Yeah, probably a bad idea.  But at this point he has fallen madly in love with them, and hasn’t taken them off for the past 3 months. So I can’t take them away now.  Yes he even sleeps in them.  

These shoes will likely only fit him for another 42 minutes so I’m not really sure why I’m even bothering with them.  But I have a feeling he is going to try to squish his chubby little toes into them for as long as possible. 

So deodorizing and trying to kill some of the stink was a priority.

Step 1

Place the shoes in direct sunlight to let them completely dry out.  Important because the wetness is what is causing the stinky bacteria growth.

Step 2

Pour about 1/4 cup of baking soda inside shoes.  Baking soda will absorb the pungent shoe odor, just like it does in your fridge.  Make sure the entire inside of the shoe is covered.

Step 3

Let the baking soda do it’s job and absorb the moisture and sweat.  The baking soda will even turn slightly brownish when it absorbs all the sweat and dirt.  Yuck!

Step 4

Rubbing alcohol works great in getting rid of smelly shoe odor.  Just pour about 1/2 cut of rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle and mist the inside of the shoes with it.  Let it sit for an hour or so.

Step 5

Wash in the washing machine with hot water.  Once washed place in dryer and/or leave out in sun to dry completely.

And you should now have a pair of non-smelly shoes. Yippee.