The Scrap Exchange {Durham, NC}


Are you ready for this?

This place is going to blow your mind.

It’s going to have you hoping on the next plane to Raleigh, NC. Yup it’s that amazing.

If you live in Durham, North Carolina, live anywhere near Durham or will ever in your life be in the Durham area you have to check out The Scrap Exchange.

The Scrap Exchange is a non-profit creative reuse arts centre. It collects donations from industries, businesses, and individuals. The items are mainly materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Basically you can find anything you can imagine here. Fabric, cones, zippers, wood, foam, paper, office supplies, vintage cameras, paint, matte board, buttons, beads, corks, elastic bands, electronics, holiday decor, tiles, carpet samples, wall paper, blue prints, posters, and everything else you can imagine.

Let’s just say this place is fun.


The Scrap Exchange is located in a beautiful old factory at 923 Franklin Street near funky downtown Durham.

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Part 2 : 25+ Craft Projects for $1 or less from the ReStore

Welcome to Part 2 of my series on great finds at the ReStore, and the possible Pinterest projects you can make with all this cool stuff!  

What I love about the ReStore is that they have so much stuff and you are quaranteed to find all these items every single time you enter a ReStore.  I always find these great blog posts where someone has found an awesome item for basically nothing at either a garage sale or Goodwill. But I never seem to have that same luck.  But at the ReStore you can always find these items, and for next to nothing.

Here are some additional fun finds at the ReStore that didn’t make it into Part 1: 25+ Craft Projects for $1 or less at the ReStore.
So this one doesn’t really have “Possible Pinterest Projects” to go along with it.  But I just had to share. Who knew that the ReStore sold trees and shrubs? And I mean lots of them!  All for only $5!  Even the 8 ft trees were $5, you would pay at least $100 for the same tree at a nursery.

This would be a great option for creating a privacy wall in your garden or for cheap landscaping when getting ready to sell a house.
Now this is one category that the supply does vary.  But here are some examples of furniture makeovers you are likely to find at the ReStore.
If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of my ReStore series head over to 25 + Craft Projects for $1 or less at the ReStore.

I hope I have given you some inspiration!  

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Happy Crafting!

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25 Craft Projects for $1 or less from The ReStore

Best source for craft supplies
I had a couple of hours without the kids today.  This never ever, ever, ever happens.  I mean seriously it never happens.  So of course I went shopping.  The one thing I hate to do with the kids.

Now the ReStore may not be every ones idea of fun, but I love it.  Basically it’s a hardware store and a thrift store combined.  Dream come true.

If you haven’t checked out your local ReStore you must, like right now. Seriously it’s that great.

If you are like me, you have posted a ton of diy craft pins on Pinterest, but haven’t actually completed any of them.  Part of my problem is finding the time to go out and scour flea markets, craft stores, thrift stores, Craig’s List, and yard sales for all the supplies you need for all these fabulous ideas.  Well the ReStore has it all.  Plus it supports a great cause Habitat for Humanity, what’s better than that.

I’ll give you a tour of what I saw today and what crafty Pinterest project you can make with these supplies.  And for next to nothing!
popular pinterest projects
OK so this one is just for all those projects that you need a little bit of paint for.

I always check out my hardware stores ‘oops section’ of paint, but this never has more than 10 or so cans of paint.  And they are always beige.  But the ReStore has hundreds of cans of paint and spray paint.  So many colours to pick from and all for $1-$3 a can.  Can’t beat that!
The Cottage Home

These are just a few of the things I found on my recent ReStore trip.  They have everything that you would ever need to complete any Pinterest project.  

I’ll be posting my finds makeovers soon.  I’m so excited about the ridiculously ugly light I found.  Can’t wait to finish it and share it.

It’s not over check out Part 2 : 25 + Pinterest Projects for $1 or less at the ReStore!

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Happy Crafing! 

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Part 3: Using Your Coupons

cut your grocery bill in half
I shop at only two stores either Harris Teeter or Lowes Foods.  Their sale cycles run from Wednesday to Tuesday.  But some stores like Kroger run Sunday to Saturday.  On Wednesday when the sales have been posted I check only 2 websites.  The first is Coupon This site is nation wide so you should find your local grocery stores here.  The second site I check is Southern  This site is local, and I find that I often find unadvertised deals here.  It’s a good idea to seek out a local couponing site in your area where people post deals found specifially at the stores in your city.  

These 2 sites lists everything that is on sale, and the coupons to use with these sales items.  It really couldn’t be easier.  Someone has already done all the work for you.  Now you just need to go through your coupon binder and pull out those coupons to use on your next shopping trip.  

coupon binder

Stuff You Should Know:

  • Most stores allow you to use up to 3 of the same coupon.  
  • BOGO (ie 2 for $3.00) does not mean you have to buy 2.  You can buy 1 for $1.50.
  • You can combine a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon.  For example I could use a Target store coupon with a manufacturers coupon.
  • SS = southern savers
  • PG = P & G flyer
  • RP = Red Plum

I hope I have given you the basics to start saving your family some serious money!  

It takes about 12 weeks to build up your coupon inventory as well as your stockpiles before you really start to see these savings.  But it’s worth it.  Think of what you can do with all that extra money!

Part Two – How to Clip Coupons

cut your grocery bill in half

First I run out early Sunday morning to grab my newspapers from my driveway before my neighbours discover that I’m one of those crazy couponers.

I pull out the coupon inserts.  These change week to week.  This week was a good week for coupons as there were 4 inserts.

I use a black marker to write the date on each insert.  We are keeping the inserts after we clip our coupons (explain why later).

I cut out the coupons I think I will actually use.  Some people clip every single coupon, I find this to take too much time.

I place all the inserts (with all the leftover coupons that I decided not to clip) in a file (file is also dated) and I place the file in chronological order inside a milk crate that I picked up at Target for $3.  Keeping the inserts is key to getting the best deals.  Often you don’t clip a coupon because it’s not something you would purchase. But sales occur every week that make items free (coupon + sale).  I will often donate these items to charity.

coupon binder

Next I put all coupons in my coupon binder.  This binder is a necessity. I purchased mine from Coupon Pro for $40, but they are currently on sale for $34.95. I know that is a lot of money for a binder but it’s not just a binder.

What I love most about my binder is that you can zip it shut (can’t tell you how many times my kids have dropped it from the shopping cart). And it has a handle.  So when I’m walking into the store carrying my one year old, my purse, my reusable shopping bags, and holding my 3 year olds hand I can at least put the coupon binder over my shoulder.

The binder is divided into sections (ie. frozen food, canned goods, cereal, meat, dairy, baby, etc.).  

The first page in my binder has 3 pockets. 

1. “This Week”- I put all the coupons I plan on using that week into this pocket. 

“Checkout”- once I but an item in my cart I put that coupon in the “checkout” pocket.  So that I have them all right there when I go to pay.

“Re-file”- If I have pulled a coupon and planned on using it but don’t end up buying that item (may be out of stock, decide I don’t need it etc). I put that coupon in the “re-file” pocket. When I get home I put the coupons back in their proper section (ie. frozen food) so they can be used another time.

I also carry a small calculator, extra pens, and a spreadsheet scrap of paper that I use to record my couponing savings during each shop.  

Now we need to go shopping!  Check out Part 3: Using Your Coupons

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