Lullaby Paints Chalkboard Wall

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Looking for paint that’s safe to use in kids spaces, or to use while pregnant. Well I found it.  Lullaby Paints is non-toxic and safe for both kids and the environment.The colours are all great, making it extremely difficult to pick just one color. Lullaby Paints sells both non-toxic chalkboard paint and regular wall paint (more colours available for wall paint).

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Hosting A Hand Stamped Jewelry Craft Night


Thanks to Beaducation for sponsoring this post.

I had no idea how easy it is to make your own hand stamped jewelry. I always saw beautiful personalized necklaces on Etsy and thought they had to be made by far more creative people who used fancy & expensive tools. It’s not true. Anyone can do it.

Thanks to Beaducation for letting me in on this little secret.

Beaducation sells all the tools, supplies needed and even offers free online classes to get you started in the world of hand stamped jewelry.

And don’t you think a personalized necklace would make the perfect baby shower gift for any new mom. Or even for your own mom, maybe with all the grandkids names. How cute would that be!


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How to Prevent Your Outdoor Chalkboard from Rotting

Four years ago I painted a scrap piece of plywood with chalkboard paint, framed it with some 1×2 scrap boards and screwed it to our fence with deck screws. I didn’t know how long it would last, since chalkboard paint is not meant for exterior conditions.

The first two summers it held up great. But last summer I started to notice some water damage.

Well it didn’t survive this winter.

If your kids are at the age where you only need one for a year or two than you don’t have to worry about doing too much weather proofing. But if you want it to last a few more years, here is what I would do differently next time.



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Kids Personalized Birthday Photo

Birthday Photos!

Kids Personalized birthday photo

Picmonkey tutorial

This may look a bit intimidating but it really is easy once you have completed your first one.  It’s more a matter of patience.  

For this I used the free PicMonkey photo editing service.  Love, love, love PicMonkey I think I may love it even more than Picnic!

The hardest part is finding a picture you want to use.  Don’t worry about what’s in the background because we are about to delete all that anyways.

So here we go…

First step go to PicMonkey and select “Edit a photo”

Click “Upload” and bring up your photo (from your desktop, website, file or wherever you have saved it).

Click on “Textures” it’s the button on the very bottom left of the screen with hatch marks (the one that is to the left of “metal”).  Now click on “Your Own” up at the top.

We are going to open up a second window now.  Open PicMonkey in another window and click “Edit a Photo” just like you did above.  Now upload the same picture again (just like above). I know this sounds weird.

Now pick “Overlays” which is the button on the left side of the screen with the heart, bubble, and comic bubble.  It will open up the Overlays screen.  Select “Geometric”.  Select the “rectangle” and now drag the rectangle to cover the entire picture. At this point you can change the colour to anything you want to use as the background.  I ended up changing mine from black to white because when I looked at the picture I had picked I realized his black cape wouldn’t show up next to the black background.  So keep that in mind.

Hit “Save”.  Save as blankblue or whatever colour you choose (I ended up changing to white so don’t be confused by this blue).  Now go back to your other PicMonkey screen (the one we started with).

Under Textures select “Your Own”  select your “blankblue.jpg” file or whatever it was that you named your background.  Keep the “Blend Mode” at Normal.  Change the “Fade” to roughly 30% (just enough so you can still see the image).

Now for the fun part.  Click on the small paintbrush icon, and it will bring up this Paint box.  With the brush you will “uncover” your photo again.  Play around with “Brush size” and “brush hardness” to see what’s easiest for your photo.  And don’t worry if you uncover some of the background you can go back and forth between “effect” and “original” and repaint the background if you need to.  I would increase the “brush hardness” to 50 or so, it makes your lines clearer.

Once you have the picture uncovered.  Slide “fade” all the way back to 0%.  This will completely white out the background (or whatever colour you chose).  Hit “Apply”.  Now “Save” your picture.

Click “Upload” and upload your blank background colour again (I know this is the 3rd time).  

With your background colour up, select the “Overlays” button again (yellow arrow pointing to this).  Select “Your Own”  and select the photo of your child that you just saved.

Now increase the size of your photo and place it where you want. (I guess I didn’t make my blankwhite page quite white enough because it looks a little blue, oh well).

Now for the super fun part!  Click on the “P” on the left hand side and start adding text.  If you want all the different fonts, colours and sizes like I did you have to do every word individually.  So for each word I selected the text I wanted then hit “add text” this brought up the box to select colour and size.  I typed the word.  And then moved onto the next word.  At the end you can play around with the positioning of all the words.

Now Save it, and you’re done!  That wasn’t that bad was it?!

I plan on printing these off and putting them in the kids 20 Question Birthday Interview Binders, found this awesome birthday interview idea at Reaves Party of 

I will update you once I have printed these off to let you know what the easiest way was and the cost.

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Time Out Chair

Couldn’t resist this cute little child’s chair.  For $5 how could I not buy it?  Unfortunately I bought it pre-blog and I didn’t take a before photo of it, but it was pretty beat up.  Imagine a chair with paint splatter all over it.

kids time out chair

I gave it a coat of spray primer and 4 coats of red spray paint to clean it up.  Of course my kids picked red.  They want everything painted red.  My oldest even asked if we could sell our house and move into a red house.  Sure, that seems like a reasonable reason to move, right?

I used some vinyl numbers cut from my cricut machine to add the numbers “1234” and “sit”.  I just thought the lettering made it look cute.  But a friend was visiting and asked if it was our time out chair. No, but that’s brilliant!  So now the boys have a time-out chair.  

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