Painting with Vaseline, What!

It’s official we are not going to purchase nice furniture till the boys have moved out of the house.  Seriously,  what is the point!

When our eldest son began to toddle around we decided to put our coffee table away in our attic.  The Fewer sharp corners for him to collide with, the better.

Well I was sick of living without a table so I went up to the attic this weekend and pulled it back out again.  But boy has my style changed in that 4 years.  I had picked this table up at Value Village (oh how I miss my Canadian thrift stores) for $4 years ago.  It was still in good condition, but just kind of boring.

I decided to paint it a bold aqua blue but thought I would beat the boys to the distressing part and just do it myself.  I had heard about using Vaseline as an easy way to distress furniture.

Island Blue (EB8-1) by Eddie Bauer Home Valspar
Instead of buying a litre of this colour , which would have been $15, I bought a sample pot for only $2.97.  Those little pots are more than enough paint to do a small project like this.

I decided just to use the brown paint that was already on the table as the base.   I just cleaned the table up with some soap and water.  I then rubbed on  a thin layer of vaseline on the spots that I wanted the brown to show through.  I then painted 2 coats of the blue over top.

I think I may have put on too much vaseline since the blue paint barely covered the areas where the Vaseline was.  I think it’s better to go lighter with the Vaseline.

I let the paint dry for 48 hours.  Actually it sat in my garage for over 2 weeks before I got around to finishing it.  Just let it dry.

how to distress furniture

Now to think like a 3 year old and destroy it distress it.  I used my mouse sander to take off the blue paint.  Just think about the spots that the kids will destroy first; edges, sides, top, and corners.  With the Vaseline it really doesn’t take much effort.  Super easy.  It would be just as easy to sand it by hand.

Once you have the look you are going for spray 2 or 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic Clear Gloss Protective Finish.  I use this on everything, even my kitchen cabinets.  It gives a clear top coat and protects from further kid damage! 

I love the new pop of blue!

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