No Sew Superhero Capes

My son chose a “Superheroes love LEGO & Ice Cream” party theme for his 4th Birthday Party this year.  At first I thought this was too much and tried to convince him to just do a LEGO party.  But he really wanted Superheroes too.  So why not.

capecollage1 1024x575 No Sew Superhero CapesNow to figure out how to incorporate the Superhero part into a LEGO Party.  A couple of years ago I made these super simple t-shirt capes and thought it would be easy enough to make for the 7 kids he has invited.

I went through Ben’s closet (with his knowledge of course) and pulled out a bunch of his old t-shirts.

pileofshirts 1024x768 No Sew Superhero CapesYikes, guess he needs to clean out his closet more!

Materials Needed

  • old t-shirts
  • fusible web
  • scrap fabric
  • thread
  • iron

cutshirt2 1024x768 No Sew Superhero CapesCut each t-shirt up the sides (right along the side seams) over the arms and around the t-shirt collar.  You can trim the t-shirt after you have put it on the child.  It’s better to cut it too big.

Take the fusible web and draw your background image on it. For my background images I used a triangle, an oval, and a lightning bolt.  The cape pictured below I drew a triangle looking design onto the fusible web and then cut it out.  The fusible web is simply a sticky layer with a paper backing on it.  You can buy this at any fabric store for about $3 a yard.

fusibleinterfacing 1024x768 No Sew Superhero CapesTake the cut out design and iron it onto your fabric (paper side up).  So the sticky side will stick to your fabric.

Now cut out the triangle shape again, now the fabric will be attached as well.

removingwebfussing 1024x768 No Sew Superhero CapesNow peel off the paper layer just like in the picture above.  Now you will have a sticky side that you can iron onto your t-shirt cape.

tshirtcapebackground 1024x768 No Sew Superhero CapesMy pile of capes after ironing on the background.

sewingbackground 1024x768 No Sew Superhero CapesOnce all the backgrounds are ironed onto the t-shirt capes sew a zig-zag stitch around the entire background design.  Don’t forget to do a back stitch at the beginning and end.  This does not have to be perfect just enough so that the edges don’t fray when you wash the cape.

zigzagstitch 1024x768 No Sew Superhero CapesYou can see here that my zig-zag stitch is far from perfect.  Don’t worry the kids won’t care!

Now do the exact same thing with the initial you are adding over top of the background design.

finished capes 612x1024 No Sew Superhero CapesHere are the finished superhero capes that each of the kids will get for Jack’s Birthday Party.  I hope they like them as much as my kids do.