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Thanks to Beaducation for sponsoring this post.

I had no idea how easy it is to make your own hand stamped jewelry. I always saw beautiful personalized necklaces on Etsy and thought they had to be made by far more creative people who used fancy & expensive tools. It’s not true. Anyone can do it.

Thanks to Beaducation for letting me in on this little secret.

Beaducation sells all the tools, supplies needed and even offers free online classes to get you started in the world of hand stamped jewelry.

And don’t you think a personalized necklace would make the perfect baby shower gift for any new mom. Or even for your own mom, maybe with all the grandkids names. How cute would that be!

how to make your own personalized jewelry Hosting A Hand Stamped Jewelry Craft Night

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$187 Boys Bathroom Makeover

This was the room in the house that we had done NOTHING with, not even pictures on the wall.  I’m talking we hung a shower curtain (a necessity) and that was it.

bath1collage $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover
 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover

I was so excited to get started that I forgot to take Before pictures of the mirror. But it was just a huge plain builder grade mirror, I’m sure you’ve seen them in every single new build home in America.  I had Home Depot cut some wood for me and glued it right on top of the mirror with some liquid nails (specific liquid nails for mirror). It was so easy I had my 3 year old help me!  He stood on the vanity to hold the pieces in place while they dried.  Not a glamorous job, but it kept him occupied for like 3 whole minutes.

 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover
I had easily pinned about a thousand board and batten pins on Pinterest . I wanted it somewhere in our house and thought that this room being the smallest in our house would be a good place to start.  In our previous home we had installed board and batten in our kitchen, and I loved it.  But by “we” I mean I told my brother and husband what I wanted and they just did it. 

This time I was on a mission to do it myself
There are dozens of fantastic tutorials out there, but I found the tutorial over at DecorChick to be the most similar to what I wanted and needed for my space. 
 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover
I used the super thin 2″ wide battens at .66 per foot from Home Depot (found on the back wall of the store). I chose these because they were a super inexpensive way to do it, and  also because I didn’t want to deal with removing the base molding.  These battens matched up perfectly to our existing (thin) base molding.
 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover
The boards came in 8 foot lengths and I just had the store cut them to 4 feet lengths for me.  Gotta love that.  To attach to the wall I just used a couple of finishing nails and some liquid nails. I spaced the battens 12″ apart.  Easy Peasy.
For the ledge I chose a 3″ batten on top.  And then topped that with a 1 X 2 pine board.
 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover

 The board and batten was SO EASY anyone can do it, I promise. I think it made a HUGE difference, don’t you?
 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover
I love having hooks instead of a towel bar.  Bath time with a 3 year old and a 1 year old does not leave time to neatly fold and place towels on a bar!  Seriously this is one of those simple changes that can make your kids nighttime routine just a little easier. I promise.  And maybe one day they will actually learn to use those hooks themselves

 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover

Another big impact in this bathroom was changing the honey oak colour of the vainty, to this dark navy blue (Mariner by Martha Stewart).  I also added these cabinet knobs that I found at Home Depot ($2.27 each).
bath5 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover

Boys Bathroom Art

Two requirements here, cheap and diy.
 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover


I took 3 pictures of my boys  having a bath using Instagram.   I printed them out at PostalPix and the pictures were delivered right to my door.  Awesome.  I found frames at Michael’s and waited for a 40% off sale.  Yeah I’m that cheap.


 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover

For details on the wooden superhero sign check out my Superhero diy art.  I LOVE it, and it’s so appropriate for my superhero crazed boys!

 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover


This is a kids bathroom so why not have a little fun.  This vinyl decal may not be everyone.  But it makes me laugh.  It was super simple to make with my Cricut machine. But if you aren’t lucky like me and don’t own a cricut you can also find these decals on Etsy.


 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover

 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover
146437425354196328 xXLMdCBw b $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover

I found this poster on Etsy and fell in love with it. It was a bit of a splurge at $18 (remember I had a seriously low budget for this makeover), but I felt like I needed it the boys needed it.  Brushing teeth is such a huge nightly struggle in our house, so my boys need all the reminders they can get!  

As always it took me forever to pick the paint colours, but I’m totally loving both choices. And that NEVER happens. I always have paint colour remorse. 
 $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover


paintcolor $187 Boys Bathroom Makeover

For the paint I used Martha Stewart “Driftwood Gray” MSL265 on the walls; Martha Stewart “Mariner” MSL165 on the cabinets.

Budget Breakdown

(this is a rough estimate since I completed this project pre-blog)
  • primer (already owned)- free
  • 1 quart Mariner paint for cabinet $18
  • 1 quart Driftwood Gray for walls $18
  • white trim paint already owned – free
  • all wood(I think I only needed 5 8-feet sections and I just cut them in half) was about $50 including the top trim pieces
  • Shower curtain already owned Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Towels- Target Room Essentials Fast Dry towels $3 each (on sale normally $4 each) $9
  • Wood for mirror trim $20
  • 2 tubes of liquid nails $10
  • finishing nails already owned – free
  • Etsy Brush your teethposter – $18; frame already owned
  • “Sometimes being a Brother is even Better than being a Superhero” art – $6 for letter stencil (A.C. Moore) paint already owned and scrap wood free
  • 3 hooks for towels $4 each Home Depot – $12
  • 3 photos above towel hooks- Instagram photos developed $3; frames $15 (A.C. Moore)
  • 4 cabinet knobs for vanity $2.27 each (approx $12 total)
  • wire basket on counter already owned – free

Grand Total of $187.00

What a huge difference it has made. I love this space so much I don’t even mind cleaning it now.

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