Refinishing Furniture with Coconut Oil

I picked up this little side table at my favourite shop for $25 this weekend. It must have spent a few too many years hiding out in a barn, because it was completely covered in about 1/4″ of dirt.

But it’s the sturdiest little table and deserved a second chance at life. And those chippy blue legs were just too much. You know I can’t resist old chippy blue paint.

One problem. It wasn’t for sale. The shop owner was about to re-finish it herself.

Somehow I convinced her to sell it. Really I think she was just happy to have one less project to do that weekend. My win.

thrift-store-table-makeover-@2littlesuperheroesRefinishing Furniture with Coconut Oilall-natural-furniture-refinishingLove the old cookbook pages that were clinging to the surface. I kind of hated to sand them off.

After removing about a hundred nails from the surface (it must have had another top on it), sanding the table top, and doing some serious washing with warm soapy water it was ready for a new look.


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