Summer Time Car Wash

I know everyone has pinned this on Pinterest already, but is this not the most amazing idea ever!  Who on earth comes up with these things!  Far more creative and amazing people than me, that’s for sure.  But I sure can copy a great idea! 
Now I just had to figure how to actually copy this!  I found detailed instructions for a similar carwash over at  Instructables.  Why reinvent the wheel when someone has done it for you!  Assembly took less than 20 minutes, it’s that easy.  It involved a couple of cuts with a hand saw and just fitting the pieces together. 
But it did take a long time for me to figure out what I needed to buy at the hardware store.  I had never shopped in the PVC aisle before and didn’t know the difference between threaded, non-threaded, bend, coupling, tee, elbow, yikes the hundreds of little boxes of white plastic pieces can make a girl break out in a sweat. I suggest just finding someone who looks like they know what they are doing, handing them your list and asking for their help.  This will save you lots of frustration and maybe 2 extra trips back to the hardware store to get the right piece!
pvc carwash
pvc pipe carwash
Now for the fun part- decoration! I found an old pool noodle in the garage cut a slit down the side and slid it on the sides, to act as the car wash ‘brushes’. And I added some of those super cool sponge balls to hang from the top.  The boys love smacking them as they ride through.
The total cost was $11 (including the dollar store sponges) and I think my boys would agree that it was $11 well spent.