Come Meet Our Wee Mouse

Yup we have a little mouse in our house.  It’s the fanciest mouse on the block.  The kind that eats brie cheese and has a red victorian front door. Yes folks that’s how we roll.

But more importantly our fancy mouse brings the boys books when they are fast asleep.  

My boys are more into playing spiderman and building lego spaceships, than they are into reading.  I’m actually starting to worry about there lack of interest in books.  The only time they actually want to read is at bed time.  And it’s just a tactic to delay going to bed.  

So I need to be creative.  I heard about these super cute fairy doors that are scatered throughout Ann Arbor, Michigan, and thought it was so magical.  I totally wish I had one when I was a kid. 

My boys are not into fairies, actually I don’t even think they know what a fairy is.  So I decided a mouse door would be equally cute.  

I put the door up while they were asleep and let them discover it in the morning.  I left a book beside it with a note explaining that the mouse only comes out at night and he will leave them books to enjoy.  The mouse randomly delivers books that he finds at yard sales and from our school scholastic book orders.  He’s a cheap resourceful little guy.

The boys squeel for joy when they wake up in the morning and find the books.  They really do believe that a little mouse lives there and delivers books!

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